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About the parish

Denstone is a small rural village situated between the market towns of Uttoxeter in East Staffordshire and Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Under the present Local Government Structure it forms part of the Churnet Ward with the neighbouring village of Rocester. The two villages lie within 2km of one another, but are distinctly separated by the River Churnet and the B5030, the main road that connects Uttoxeter and Ashbourne. Denstone is equally distant, about 10 km, from these two towns.

The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside, with a lovely view of the Weaver Hills, the highest point of over 1200ft being about 5 km to the north. This particularly scenic landscape is well served by over 23 km of rural footpaths within the Parish Boundary alone.

In 1945 there were about 100 dwellings in the Denstone Parish which includes the hamlets of Stubwood to the South and Prestwood to the North. There has been substantial building within the village since, mainly in the sixties and seventies, and today there are about 425 dwellings in the Parish. Most of this expansion has taken place close to the village centre resulting in a compact development with well defined boundaries.