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Visiting the parish

Walks in the Area/Maps and Guides

Use the Google Map on the front page of this website.

There are many beautiful walks in the area, and for current information about these we suggest you search on your browse, e.g. for “Walking in Staffordshire”

You can also download the “Walks Around Denstone” leaflet which is in the form of a two-page pdf file which you may want to print out. (This dates from 2012 so be aware that some things may have changed.)

If you are staying in the village, even if you are not much of a walker, take a stroll round the lake in front of JCB World HQ and enjoy a view of the Weaver Hills and other beautiful scenery. You can also see many waterbirds that choose to make the lake their home, including black swans (and sometimes their cygnets!)

Local Attractions

Alton Towers

A famous local attraction is Alton Towers, only a few miles away from Denstone near the village of Alton. See the Alton Towers Web site for more information and if you wish you can register to receive their email newsletters.   (Note that the Alton Towers link opens in a new tab and you have to scroll almost to the bottom of their front page to sign up for the newsletter.)

The Peak District

Denstone is only a few miles from Ashbourne, “The Gateway to the Peak District”.